Personal Injury Guidance UK

Personal Injury Guidance UK

A personal injury claim can be either:

  • A physical injury or illness
  • A psychological injury or illness

Personal injury examples include:

  • A work-related injury such as illnesses or diseases caused by working with asbestos
  • A psychological illness caused by stress, harassment or discrimination at work
  • An injury because of a traffic accident
  • An injury caused by faulty goods or services
  • An injury due to uneven footpaths
  • A psychological illness caused by abuse as a child
  • An injury because of faulty hospital treatment or by vaccinations
  • An injury due to being the victim in the course of a crime

Action to take if you have been a victim of personal injury:

  • If the injury occurred because of crime, traffic accident or similar inform the police.
  • If the cause relates to any insurance you have such as, a car accident and you have car insurance, inform your insurance provider as they may be able to give guidance and it may void your insurance if you do not inform them.
  • Inform your doctor of the injury, no matter how small it may seem. The injury may get more serious over time and if making a claim your doctor may be asked to provide a medical report on your injury.
  • Try to make a log or report of the accident and injury. For example, try to take photos of the scene or gather information of what caused the injury. You should be able to detail the account of the incident including, the time and date, the place and other people which were involved or may have witnessed the injury.

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